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28 Day Meal Plan Bundle


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5 MEAL PLAN Variations for 28 DAYS Each

Types of Meal Plans:

1. 28 Day - Standard Clean Eating Meal Plan
2. 28 Day - Keto Meal Plan
3. 28 Day - Paleo Meal Plan
4. 28 Day - Vegan Meal Plan
5. 28 Day - Vegetarian Meal Plan

What's Included In Each Meal Plan:

The Clean Eating Guide
- What is clean eating?
- Pantry and fridge staples
- Is eating organic necessary?
- How to eat clean while eating out?

The 32 Clean Eating Recipes
- Includes pictures of each recipe
- Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
- All gluten and soy free and can be made dairy free.
- Made with minimum ingredients
- Can be done in 30 minutes or less

28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan
- Weekly calendar instructing what meals to eat


Includes all of the above and weekly grocery shopping lists with extra tips.